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Choose two words to describe how you are feeling about your work with young people right now: 08 June 2022
Do you think that young people feel more lonely now than 20 years ago? 01 June 2022
To what extent does social media exacerbate young people's feeling of loneliness? [Select one] 25 May 2022
How equipped do you feel to address youth loneliness in your provision/practice? 19 May 2022
How confident do you feel about having conversations with young people about loneliness? 11 May 2022
If you offer buildings-based provision for young people, are the buildings you work from fit for purpose? 04 May 2022
Volunteers' Week is taking place 1-7 June 2022. How are you planning to engage volunteers over this week? [select as many as apply] 28 April 2022
Which aspects of volunteer involvement would you most like to develop/improve at your organisation? 20 April 2022
What types of pro-bono support (services provided by a professional for free or at a lower cost) do you think would be most valuable to your organisation? [Select as many as apply] 13 April 2022
Where do volunteers provide the most value to your organisation? [select up to 3 responses] 06 April 2022
Will you / how will you be using the Will Smith Oscars incident in your youth work practice over the next week? 30 March 2022
How do you think research and findings about youth work can be made more accessible to a wider audience? [Select as many as apply] 23 March 2022
How does your organisation encourage and enable you to learn and access new ideas? [select as many as apply] 16 March 2022
How much time do you have each week to access new ideas through reading, podcasts, webinars, etc? 09 March 2022
How do you best like to engage with news, research, and interesting topics? 03 March 2022
Funders often ask you to report using data from or about young people. What top things could funders do to make it easier to collect, share, and use this data? [select up to three] 23 February 2022
What support do you need to make collecting data from or about young people easier? 16 February 2022
Based on your experience, what do you find is the most effective way to collect data from young people? 09 February 2022
Evaluating youth provision often involves collecting data directly from young people. How much data do you collect from young people at your organisation? 02 February 2022
As restrictions continue to ease across the UK, will you be changing the way in which you work with young people over the coming weeks? [Select as many as apply] 27 January 2022

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