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How optimistic are you feeling about your work with and for young people over the next three months? 08 September 2021
How confident are you that you have sufficient knowledge about data protection in relation to your work with and for young people? 01 September 2021
What are the top potential benefits that you see in offering heritage, arts, and cultural opportunities for young people? 25 August 2021
Who in your community would you like your youth organisation to collaborate with more, to support your work? 19 August 2021
In what ways is youth voice reflected in your organisation? 11 August 2021
Has your organisation furloughed any staff during the pandemic? 04 August 2021
Choose two words to describe how you are feeling about your work with young people right now: 29 July 2021
Which Covid-19 precautions do you still have in place? Select as many as apply: 21 July 2021
How has the Euros affected your work with young people? 14 July 2021
As we come out of lockdown measures, do you plan to continue providing online youth work? 07 July 2021
How do you feel about gathering demographic data from the young people that you work with? 30 June 2021
How much time do you spend on your training and professional development per month? 23 June 2021
How effective are the mechanisms you have in place for young people to influence the content and delivery of your provision? 15 June 2021
To what extent do you feel confident supporting young people to take action against racial injustice? 09 June 2021
What does the ‘power of youth’ mean to you? 02 June 2021
In your primary youth work role, do you currently work alongside volunteers in your youth provision? 26 May 2021
What’s the highest level of Youth Work qualification you hold? 19 May 2021
Calling all youth workers! Do you have more than one job? 12 May 2021
What, if any, factors do you anticipate will have an impact on your delivery in coming weeks? 29 April 2021

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