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To what extent do you feel confident supporting young people to take action against racial injustice? 09 June 2021
What does the ‘power of youth’ mean to you? 02 June 2021
In your primary youth work role, do you currently work alongside volunteers in your youth provision? 26 May 2021
What’s the highest level of Youth Work qualification you hold? 19 May 2021
Calling all youth workers! Do you have more than one job? 12 May 2021
What, if any, factors do you anticipate will have an impact on your delivery in coming weeks? 29 April 2021
Thinking about how your organisations uses data (the information it collects) to learn and improve, where would you say your organisation is on its journey? 22 April 2021
Other than more funding, what do you need most, right now, to help you make a positive difference for young people? 15 April 2021
What is the number one thing that would make evaluation a really useful experience for you in your work right now/moving forward? 08 April 2021
What training would be most beneficial to you right now? 25 March 2021
When face to face work is permitted again, do you intend to keep any of your provision online? 18 March 2021
Choose two words to describe you’re feeling about your work with young people right now: 11 March 2021
Has digital delivery widened your geographical reach? 04 March 2021
Are the young people who are engaging with your online provision now the same ones who were engaging at the start of lockdown? 25 February 2021
Are there any features of your remote provision that are working better than face-to-face delivery? 19 February 2021
Thinking about the research you’ve seen about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people, did it mainly: 12 February 2021
Are the young people you work with experiencing ‘digital fatigue’? 05 February 2021
How do you feel about taking part in training and online support during the pandemic? 29 January 2021
How confident are you that you can define what delivering your provision with 'high quality' looks like? 22 January 2021

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